Conflict Resources

Reconciliation Worksheets

Exercises for examining yourself truthfully and confessing your sin humbly.

The cause of most conflict is sin. The remedy is confession. Confession requires brokenness and courage — the humility to see yourself truthfully, as God sees you, and the courage to confess your sin completely, to God and all those you have offended.

Scripture exhorts us to examine the "log" in our own eye before we try to take the speck out of our brother's eye. (Matthew 6:1-5) To examine your part in whatever conflict you are facing, we invite you to prayerfully complete the two exercises on following pages. Before each exercise, we recommend that you pray, inviting the Holy Spirit to bring clarity of mind, conviction of sin and comfort in healing.

Exercises to Download

These exercises may bring back feelings that are painful to you and memories that you would rather not recall. If this is your first reaction, it is likely that there are broken relationships or unreconciled matters that God wants to heal and reconcile. Do not ignore the prompting of God for you to be reconciled.

Once you have completed the exercises you need to act on what God reveals. Specifically you need to confess your sin to God and to all of those who are impacted by your sin. For help with making a humble and truthful confession, follow the links at the end of each exercise.

Repentance requires a “change our mind” and a commitment to “go a new direction” in order to restore broken trust. Reconciliation means a commitment to stop the habits of sin and to learn a new way of following Jesus Christ.

May God give you the humility to understand and the courage to obey the way of Christ in reconciliation.