Jim Van Yperen

Founder & President of Metanoia Ministries 

                                                Jim Van Yperen

                                                Jim Van Yperen

He is a leader, teacher and skilled facilitator who has personally served hundreds of pastors and dozens of conflicted churches since 1994, including eleven churches as an Intentional Interim Pastor—leading each church out of conflict into a living community of Christ. 

Jim is a gifted preacher and seminar speaker.  He has been featured on various radio and television broadcasts, including:  In The Studio  with Michael Card;  Prime Time America,  Open Line with Moody Radio; and the Church Communication Network with Christianity Today. Jim has led hundreds of workshops, seminars and pastor conferences across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Jim’s style of learning, teaching and leading springs from a dynamic spiritual discovery process guided by God’s Word, His Spirit, and His people rather than human technique or methodology. This interpretive approach leads from “why”—the theological and biblical principles underlying a topic—into “what” and “how” of applying Scripture.

Jim is the author of four books,  T he Good Confession:  A Tale of Failure and Forgiveness (Wingfold Farm, 2011)  Authentic Community:  Practicing the One Another Commands (ChurchSmart Resources, 2009),  Making Peace: A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict (Moody Press 2002) and The Shepherd Leader  (ChurchSmart Resources 2003). He has written and produced numerous resources on Christian leadership and biblical community, including Strategic Leadership Formation  (ChurchSmart Resources 2003), a comprehensive spiritual character formation curriculum and  Pathways to Peace: How to Conduct Church Discipline with Grace and Truth , (ChurchSmart Resources 2006).

Prior to founding Metanoia, Jim spent 18 years leading his own creative communications business serving leaders of national and international non-profit organizations.

Sharon Anderson Van Yperen

Program Director, Ministry Coach

Sharon Van Yperen

Sharon Van Yperen

Sharon has organized and led more than 60 church assessments and interventions forMetanoia Ministries. She coordinates, leads and mentors volunteers who serve on each assessment team. In addition, Sharon oversees the Metanoia Ministries office working with staff, consultants, and volunteers.

Sharon is a skilled listener, teacher, and personal coach. Her gifts of spiritual discernment and encouragement provide godly counsel and insight to church leaders and members alike. Sharon provides teaching with Jim in seminars and conferences across North America.

Sharon has directed a Christian school and provided special education tutoring and teaching in public schools. Sharon graduated from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education in 1978.

Sharon and Jim have been married for 38 years and have two married children and eight grandchildren. Jim and Sharon live on a small farm in New Hampshire.

And Our Many Volunteers

Metanoia Ministries has trained more than 90 volunteers from across the United States and Canada. Metanoia volunteers serve on Metanoia Assessment and Intervention Teams after completing a comprehensive 32-hour training on the dynamics of church conflict reconciliation.

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