Actual testimonies from people we have served over the years:

"I am currently reading your book “Making Peace” for the second time. I had to write and tell you what a difference this book is making in my own life and in the life of the church. Growing up in the American church, I have certainly fallen into the consumerism and self-centeredness. I can’t tell you how much your book has affected the way I approach conflict in my own life and how I am encouraging others to approach church and conflict in a Biblical, Christ-centered manner. Thank you."


As a member, I was at your meeting yesterday and felt compelled to send you a short note of response. Although I (and others) are at the beginning stages of contemplating your findings in prayer, I wanted to contact you to extend my thanks for a most difficult task you and your staff undertook on our behalf. You and your staff handled yourselves with honor and grace in a less than welcome environment and, regardless of our decisions to come, have facilitated our return and advancement in the name of our Lord.


When my wife and I thought of meeting with you, we were concerned with the response we would receive. I have heard my share of stories of men and organizations which have had less than satisfying experiences working with outside consultants. It is stressful to know that your future ministry is strongly influenced and possibly affected by someone who does not know you and very little about your organization. Thank you for hearing us out and thinking through the eyes of someone who sits in a president’s chair. I felt you heard us out.


I count this year as the greatest year of my life because of all that God has done in my heart. He has used pain and humiliation as a surgeon uses a scalpel to do some deep surgery in my soul. I am convinced that he has used your skill and Spirit-directed ministry to do this good work in me. You were tough and direct when you needed to be. But you were encouraging and supportive when you needed to be. I have absolutely no regrets of this year—other than the hurt I see I have caused my Father, my wife, and my church family. I still grimace when I think of the pride, selfishness, control and self-love I lived out in my leadership. But in revealing these things and putting them to death, God has given me such a joy and peace in ministry and a love for Him and others that I am still amazed when I see His fruit where it never bloomed before—truly a supernatural work of His Spirit in me. I recognize that my benefit has come from your courage, faithfulness, wisdom and Spirit guided ministry. It would be wrong of me not to thank you deeply for the great benefits I have received because of your ministry among us and to me. Thank you.