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Strategic Leadership Formation

Strategic Leadership Formation is a comprehensive, group-based process to equip proven ministry couples for the advancement of God’s mission in the world.

  • By strategic we mean: an intentional process
  • By leadership we mean: men and women who are recognized for their present gifts and future potential
  • By formation we mean: establishing a pathway for truthfully examining and intentionally addressing the character, competency and capacity of each ministry couple.


The purpose of Strategic Leadership Formation is to identify and invite Christian couples who are recognized as emerging Kingdom leaders; to help equip, empower and encourage them to deepen their character, develop their gifts and expand their capacity to advance the Kingdom of God for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Strategic Leadership Formation helps leaders to discover new ways of thinking and to explore new practices of leading guided by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It teaches character formation and leadership development through personal mentoring and team-building in retreat settings.

Personal / Couple Program Goals

To measure our effectiveness, each person and couple will:

  1. Explore, with input from trusted others, personal character (strengths, weaknesses and blind spots) in order to identify and practice a pathway for growth and transformation.
  2. Identify and affirm personal gifts, strengths and weaknesses, exploring how each creates opportunities and barriers for ministry with their spouse.
  3. Seek, discover and affirm God’s will (call to ministry), for each person and each couple/family.
  4. Explore and create a holistic philosophy of ministry.
  5. Develop a marriage ministry plan to plan and evaluate growth.

The curriculum is designed for learning through dialog rather than presentation, discovery rather than methodology. Readings, assessments, writing projects, and teaching will form a content base for personal formation and ministry discovery.

Program Description

  • A 12-month intensive spiritual formation journey with on-site learning at three retreat learning experiences
  • A safe community environment with recognized Christian leaders
  • Practical reading and reflection assignments to be completed prior to each gathering
  • Intensive assessment process
  • Personal mentoring for each person and couple; onsite at each gathering, and throughout the process
  • Monthly personal coaching throughout the process

Application process

All couples for the Strategic Leadership Formation program must be recommended to Metanoia Ministries specifically by a mentor or ministry colleague prior to completing an application form.  Recommendation Forms for Strategic Leadership Formation may be acquired here or by request at www.restoringthechurch.org.

Once a recommendation is received, Metanoia Ministries will send a Strategic Leadership Formation Application Form and Financial Form to the candidate couple.  Following the completion of the Application and Financial Forms, the candidate will be interviewed by telephone.  Acceptance into the Strategic Leadership Formation program will be determined upon completion of each step above.

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