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Solemn or Sacred Assemblies

A Solemn Assembly is a solemn meeting of believers who gather together to confess sin and ask forgiveness before God and one another.

It is a time of reverence and mourning before the Lord for corporate failure and personal disobedience. It is a time of renewed commitment to love God and one another.

In the Old Testament, Israel was instructed by God to hold a “sacred assembly” to present their sacrifices to God. (Ex 12:16). The Sabbath itself was called a sacred assembly, “There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, a day of sacred assembly. You are not to do any work; wherever you live, it is a Sabbath to the LORD.” (Le 23:3) Sacred assemblies were frequently called when a prophet brought God’s Word of judgment or correction to Israel. Often a time of prayer, fasting and preparation preceded the meeting.

Metanoia Ministries can assist your church in planning and designing a Solemn Assembly to:

  • unite your congregation in common confession and forgiveness as all meet one another at the foot of the cross;
  • bring closure to conflicts in the past through restored relationships; and
  • re-dedicate your church to glorifying Jesus Christ and following Him in the future.