The Good Confession: A Tale of Failure and Forgiveness


The Good Confession: A Tale of Failure and Forgiveness


Treat yourself to a carefully woven fable, filled with suspense and humor that will awaken insight into character and confession, separation and reconciliation.

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"When Peter and his two friends, Willie and Ethan, sneak into a barn one summer evening to listen to the old farmer, Emory Webb, talk to his sheep, the boys are totally unprepared for what they see and hear . . . What happens on Stone Bridge Farm - and how shepherd, sheep and boys respond - will reveal their character and shape their future."

How do you respond when people disappoint you?
When you fail or hurt others, what do you do?
How do you say "I'm sorry" and really mean it?  
How and when do you forgive?

These are the questions explored in The Good Confession.
Written as a fable, filled with suspense and humor, The Good Confession will awaken insight for young and old alike, and provide a springboard for dialogue in families and small groups.

Discover how confession, confrontation and forgiveness are skills for shaping your character, and for forming virtues such as humility, courage, integrity and justice -- all through the engaging power of story!