Strategic Leadership Formation Resource Kit


Strategic Leadership Formation Resource Kit


The future health of your church is directly related to how you identify and equip emerging leaders. This comprehensive curriculum will help you identify, practice, and form the spiritual character and leadership skill necessary to grow redemptive communities of Christ.

By Strategic we mean an intentional, timely, and innovative approach to training leaders. By Leadership we mean gifted men and women who want to learn and are ready to grow. By Formation we mean forming spiritual character and leadership competency.

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This innovative curriculum combines principles of spiritual formation with leadership development into one, powerful resource that will revolutionize the way you think about, and practice, church ministry. Beginning with a biblical theology of spiritual formation, participants will discover how their identity, reality, and activity is shaped by the Salvation story. This produces a certain kind of leader—one who interprets, serves and shepherds; a certain kind of character—one formed by brokenness, courage, integrity and justice; and a certain kind of redemptive community—where Jesus is Lord.

Your leaders will learn and practice:

Corporate Disciplines: Prayer, Confession, Worship and Communion

Personal Disciplines: Study, Silence, Prayer, Fasting, Exercise, Service

Marriage Disciplines: Fidelity, Renewing Vows

Family Disciplines: Family Worship, Love, Discipline, Encouragement

Ministry Disciplines: Team-building, Decision-making and more.

Kit includes all of the following:

  • 210-page Leader’s Guide
  • 194-page Participants Workbook
  • 10 Audio CDs
  • PowerPoint Presentation CD
  • The Shepherd Leader (book)
  • (more copies of the book and workbook may be purchased separately)

Additional workbooks: $20.00 each

Additional Leader books: $10.00 each