Strategic Leadership Formation Participants Workbook


Strategic Leadership Formation Participants Workbook


Every person enrolled in this study should have a personal copy of the 194-page Participants Workbook.

The workbook will guide you through each teaching with Scripture references, quotes and notes not included in the presentation.

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This curriculum will help you:

  1. Define what God’s Word says about character and community.
  2. Discover how you are formed by the Salvation Story revealed in Scripture.
  3. Describe the ideals, virtues, and practices that form leadership character and skill.
  4. Discern how God is calling, gifting, and appointing you to serve.

The workbook is divided into four comprehensive sections with 13 chapters, as follows:

Section One: How We Are Formed

  • Chapter One: Finding our Story

Section Two: Identity

  • Chapter Two: Finding Tradition, Purpose & Context
  • Chapter Three: Locating Ourselves in Christ
  • Chapter Four: Understanding Spiritual Authority
  • Chapter Five: A Certain Kind of Leader

Section Three: Reality

  • Chapter Six: How the Story Forms Reality
  • Chapter Seven: A Certain Kind of Character

Section Four: Activity

  • Chapter Eight: Introducing Practices & Rituals
  • Chapter Nine: Corporate Practices & Rituals
  • Chapter Ten: Personal Practices & Rituals
  • Chapter Eleven: Marriage Practices & Rituals
  • Chapter Twelve: Family Practices & Rituals
  • Chapter Thirteen: Ministry Practices

Strategic Leadership Formation explores how character is shaped and leadership is developed in a community of faith.