Pathways to Peace Participants Workbook


Pathways to Peace Participants Workbook


Every leader studying this comprehensive curriculum will need to have a personal copy of the 119-page Participants Workbook.

With a workbook to guide your learning, Pathways to Peace will help you discover and put into practice biblical principles for church discipline guided by the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

If you are like most people, the term church discipline brings forward bad feelings filled with fear and anxiety. How do you discipline a person? How do you give grace while holding onto truth?

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Pathways to Peace provides a comprehensive curriculum in church discipline—from what every member is called to do everyday to how to discern and render judgment in the hardest and most sensitive situations.

Pathways to Peace will help you discover and practice ten steps for biblical reconciliation following clear biblical principles that are both truthful and loving.

  • Step One: Personal Examination
  • Step Two: Self-Disclosure
  • Step Three: Private Conversation
  • Step Four: Conversation with Witnesses
  • Step Five: Overseer Hearing
  • Step Six: Overseer Discernment & Judgment
  • Step Seven: Inviting Justice
  • Step Eight: Making Restitution and Reconstituting Character
  • Step Nine: Removing Fellowship
  • Step Ten: Restoring Fellowship

This resource will help your church discover that reconciliation and discipline are not reserved for times of conflict only, but involve specific practices—such as forgiveness, confession, and confrontation—that form a way of life to be exercised by every believer all the time.