Making Peace Seminar DVD Kit


Making Peace Seminar DVD Kit


The Making Peace Seminar is a comprehensive video curriculum based upon Jim Van Yperen’s best selling book Making Peace. Designed for a 12-week small group study—for church leaders or adult Sunday School class—you will explore practical and biblical ways you can grow redemptive community in your church.

The Making Peace Seminar consists of a 2-DVD package with 12 video lessons of approximately 12 to 14 minutes per lesson, with questions for personal reflection and small group conversation. A Facilitator’s Guide provides directions for how to view the DVD and facilitate dialog. Each participant should have an 80-page Participants Manual for taking notes during the video teaching and for following the questions through the facilitated dialog/small group conversation. Participants are asked to prepare for each lesson by reading a chapter or more in the book, Making Peace. (Each participant should have a Participants Manual and copy of the book, Making Peace.)

The Making Peace Seminar will help you identify and understand the habitual conflict responses that are creating barriers to reconciliation in your life and church. Participants will be challenged to “change our mind,” to learn and practice new ways of thinking and acting under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You will explore how embracing spiritual brokenness can enhance your ability to gently confront, humbly confess, and graciously forgive as you seek to be reconciled to God and others.

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The curriculum is designed to ask and answer three fundamental questions in order to grow redemptive community:

  1. What Is Our Story? You will be challenged to remember and to reclaim the Salvation Story in your life and in your church.
  2. What Is Your Style? You will explore two primary ways of thinking that produce four habitual, sinful responses to conflict that always makes things worse.
  3. What is our Path? You will discover specific habits and actions you can take to live redemptively—so you can make peace in your life and in your church.

DVD includes all of the following:

  • Two-disc DVD set
  • One Facillitators Guide
  • One Participants Manual (80-pages)
  • One Making Peace book
  • (more copies of the manual and book may be purchased separately)

Additional Seminar Participants Manual $8.00 each

Additional Making Peace books: $12.00 each