Making Peace Participants Workbook


Making Peace Participants Workbook


Every person joining this study of Making Peace should have a copy of this 116-page Participants Workbook.

The participant’s workbook is designed for you to learn and interact with other believers through guided teaching, personal exercises and group dialog.

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PART ONE: Why church conflict is always about leadership

  • Chapter One: A biblical view of conflict
  • Chapter Two: A theology of community & reconciliation
  • Chapter Three: Common conflict response styles

PART TWO: On becoming a redemptive community

  • Chapter Four: On becoming a peacemaker
  • Chapter Five: Authentic communication
  • Chapter Six: How, why and when to publicly admit that you are an idiot
  • Chapter Seven: How to forgive like Jesus

PART THREE: On church discipline

  • Chapter Eight: Why confrontation requires community
  • Chapter Nine: How to rebuke & discipline
  • Chapter Ten: How to handle opposition

PART FOUR: Making peace while leading change

  • Chapter Eleven: The nature of change
  • Chapter Twelve: How to take the politics out & put the Spirit into biblical decision making

Making Peace will help you and your church discover what it means to grow and live redemptive community. Be sure each participant has a workbook.