Living in Authentic Community: Practicing the one another commands.

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Authentic Community cover.jpg

Living in Authentic Community: Practicing the one another commands.


A small group study to build community and character in your church.

Twenty weeks of studies.

There is a deep longing in every human heart for relationship, for unconditional love, trust and fellowship. In fact, God created you for relationship. When God chose you as His child, He welcomed you into His family. Following Jesus Christ is about relationship with God and others.

The one another commands are your pathway to authentic community. In this new study, your small group will learn how God wants to redeem your desires, reform your thoughts and transform your character to the likeness of Christ.

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Authentic Community includes 20 studies designed to build understanding and shape habits for growing one another community in your church, as follows:

Section One: Attitudes in Community

  • Lesson 1: Love One Another
  • Lesson 2: Accept One Another
  • Lesson 3: Have Concern for One Another
  • Lesson 4: Be Kind & Compassionate to One Another
  • Lesson 5: Be Devoted to & Honor One Another
  • Lesson 6: Live in Harmony with One Another

Section Two: Commitment in Community

  • Lesson 7: Submit to One Another
  • Lesson 8: Forbear One Another
  • Lesson 9: Speak Truthfully to One Another back covder booklet
  • Lesson 10: Confess Sins and Pray for One Another
  • Lesson 11: Forgive One Another
  • Lesson 12: Do Not Judge One Another

Section Three: Action in Community

  • Lesson 13: Greet One Another
  • Lesson 14: Encourage One Another
  • Lesson 15: Admonish One Another
  • Lesson 16: Offer Hospitality to One Another
  • Lesson 17: Serve One Another
  • Lesson 18: Carry Burdens for One Another
  • Lesson 19: Stir Up One Another
  • Lesson 20: Wash One Another’s Feet

Each lesson includes a Scripture reference for the one another command studied, a brief teaching on the definition and meaning of the words and guided questions for small group interaction.

All studies are designed for maximum involvement and are ideal for use in small groups – either in home or church gatherings. Each study will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete depending on the format of the group. No training is necessary to facilitate these studies. In fact, we encourage each group to rotate leadership from lesson to lesson.

The one another commands are the pathway to holiness. As you begin to learn, to practice and to embody the one another commands, your character will be transformed. Salvation and sanctification will become a way of life. This new relationship with God and others will transform your marriage, the way you raise children, your work and your relationships in and outside the church. The needs you thought you had are changed into the needs God sees and wants to meet in Christ through one another.

May God bless your discovery of authentic community as you explore with others a way of life shaped by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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