Peace Webinar Series

Break down the walls of conflict by making reconciliation a way of life.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God. - Matthew 5:9

Practicing reconciliation requires a specific way of thinking, feeling and acting that you must learn and nurture over time. For many, this also means unlearning negative habits of responding to conflict.

This comprehensive webinar series will provide you with a theological foundation and the practical skills for making reconciliation a way of life.

How to be Reconciled in your Relationships at Home, work and in the Church

The Making Peace Webinar will provide a solid foundation for practicing biblical reconciliation and  enhance your ability to think redemptively so you can anticipate, prevent and reconcile conflict in your life—in your relationships at home and in the church.

How Character is Formed through a Disciplined Community

The Sowing Peace Webinar is designed for you to discover the four essential virtues of redemptive character. Learn how each virtue is vital for sowing the seeds of peace that will raise a harvest of righteousness. Discover how conflict reveals your character and how God wants your life to be transformed.

Why we Belong to One Another

The Growing Peace Webinar will explore how the church is God’s agent for reconciliation and spiritual transformation. You will discover how God created you for others and why the church is necessary for your spiritual growth—for shaping a new identity, reality and activity. The Growing Peace Webinar explores how you are formed in and through the gathering of God’s people in mutual submission under God’s Word, His Spirit and His people.

How to Discipline with Grace and Truth

The Restoring Peace Webinar is specifically designed to help you discover and put into practice biblical principles for church discipline guided by the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. You will learn why discipline is necessary for spiritual growth in your life, in your family and in your church. You will discover why godly discipline is always generative, always for good.

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