Peace Webinar Series

Sowing Peace Webinar

How Character is Formed through a Disciplined Community

Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness
James 3:18

The apostle Paul says that our ability to grow emotionally and spiritually is directly related to our ability to “speak the truth in love.” Is your church shaping the character of men and women to think and to act like Jesus? The Bible speaks of character being formed by our commitment to and participation in a disciplined faith community. What would such a community look like in your church?

The Sowing Peace Webinar is designed for you to discover the four essential virtues of redemptive community. Learn how each virtue is vital for sowing the seeds of peace that will raise a harvest of righteousness. You will discover how conflict reveals your character and how God wants your life to be transformed.

In the Sowing Peace Webinar you will discover a biblical way of thinking and acting in conflict. You will discover how to respond to conflict from godly character instead of human habit and learn how to deal graciously and directly with divisive people.

There are three sessions to the Sowing Peace Webinar:

Session 1: How we are formed

Why character requires community

  • What kind of people are we forming?
  • How conflict reveals fruit
  • How conflict refines character
    Why redemptive character can only be formed in a disciplined community

Session 2: Why character is about Lordship

Reclaiming Jesus as Lord of our lives

  • What it means to call Jesus, “Lord”
  • A call to shepherd leadership

Session 3: What kind of people is God calling us to be?

The four essential virtues of a disciplined community

  • What virtues Jesus modeled
  • What virtues Esther and David and Paul (and others) embodied
    • A disposition of heart
    • A resolve in action
    • A devotion to community
    • A voice in society