Peace Webinar Series

Growing Peace Webinar

 Why we Belong to One Another

In Christ we who are many form one body,  and each member belongs to all the others.  Romans 12:5

The Growing Peace Webinar will explore how the church is God’s agent for reconciliation and spiritual transformation. We will explore how God created us for one another and why the church is necessary for spiritual growth—for shaping a new identity, reality and activity. The Growing Peace Webinar explores how you are formed in and through the gathering of God’s people in mutual submission under God’s Word, His Spirit and His people.

The Apostle Paul repeatedly uses the term “one another” to describe the church as a people who are intimately connected to one another as members of Christ’s Body. In this seminar, you will learn how to discover, describe and embody the habits and practices of redemptive community.

The Growing Peace Webinar will take an in-depth look at the one another commands—God’s pathway to holiness. These one another commands provide guidance and warning for how we are to relate to, serve and be committed to one another—what we are to encourage and avoid with one another. A church that is serious about discovering, describing and embodying these commands will form a people that are growing up in Christ. As believers begin to learn, to practice and to embody the one another commands, character is shaped. Salvation and sanctification become a way of life. Families, friendships and relationships are transformed.

There are two sessions to the Growing Peace Webinar:

Session 1: How to live worthy of our calling

Ordering our thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Dispositions of peace
  • Disciplines of grace

Session 2: How to grow one another community.

Re-discovering and living by the one another commands

  • Growing unity through shared attitudes
  • Growing harmony through common commitment
  • Growing mutuality through shared service
  • Growing holy through common restraint