One Another Studies

A comprehensive study to build community and character in your church.

The New Testament term “one another” is used to describe what the church should look like when believers gather in community. The most common Greek word for the biblical phrase “one another” is the plural, reduplicated form of the word “another.” Literally, the word means “one and another.” The one another commands are reciprocal, mutual commands. These cannot be obeyed without others.

The Apostle Paul uses this phrase repeatedly to describe the church as a people who are intimately connected to one another as members of Christ’s Body. To be a follower of Jesus is to belong to others. “In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5

A church that is serious about discovering, describing and embodying these commands will form a people and a church that are growing up in Christ as they grow together by His Word and Spirit.

The one another commands are the pathway to holiness. As people begin to learn, to practice, and to embody the one another commands, the character of the people and the church is transformed. Salvation and sanctification become a way of life. This forms our marriages, the way we bring up children, our work, and our relationships. Those needs we thought we had become small or are changed into the needs God sees and wants to meet in Christ through one another.

Metanoia Ministries may provide a seminar or teaching on the one another commands at your church, or you may elect to purchase our new Living in Authentic Community for you own small group study. Living in Authentic Community offers 20 studies designed to build understanding and shape habits for growing one another community in your church. The studies are designed for maximum involvement of all participants. Each study includes a Scripture reference for the topic studied, a brief teaching on the definition and meaning of the words, and a time of facilitated conversation for maximum learning and application.

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