lead change in ways people trust.

Some leaders are autocratic, leaving people feeling coerced or manipulated about change, heightening resistance and distrust. Other leaders are so democratic, wanting to please, that little change ever happens, leaving followers feeling stagnant and to frustration.  What kind of change is your ministry leading?

Announcing Flourish, a new training series designed exclusively to equip your ministry board and leadership team in unity, trust, and the essential attributes for making wise decisions and leading dynamic change . . . created from Metanoia Ministries' 24 years serving more than 90 churches and leadership teams.

The great need in ministry today is for people who are equipped to lead well.

Flourish is a comprehensive new process designed to equip pastors, ministry leaders and leadership teams with the essential character and skill to lead change like Jesus, with:

  • Non-Anxious Presence: Abiding "In Christ" 
  • Vulnerability: Willingness to be exposed, open, and authentic
  • Courage: Taking risk and responsibility to examine, confess, and confront what is wrong or ineffective and providing a pathway to flourish
  • Decisiveness: Welcoming discernment, yet being decisive

Flourish full-day seminars are now open to any and every church and Christian ministry that wants to grow... 

Team-Based Training

All Flourish training is provided to and for Leadership Teams, not individuals.

A church must bring at least three men and/or women serving in the same church, in order to participate. We encourage a mixture of leaders from the following ministry categories:

  • Ministry President
  • Senior Pastor
  • Board/Council Chair
  • Board/Council Members
  • Associate Leaders/Pastors
  • Ministry Leaders and Volunteers

Your team will explore topics such as . . .

  • How to lead with non-anxious motional presence and spiritual integrity – like Jesus
  • Why most change efforts fail
  • The top five mistakes leaders make in trying to lead change
  • How to anticipate and engage people who resist change
  • and much, much more . . .

Flourish is a completely new and innovative process for equipping leaders that focuses on leadership presence and being more than competency or method. We believe that the single greatest factor for predicting vitality in a church is the emotional presence and spiritual integrity of its leader(s). It is leadership character and presence that has the greatest impact on the growth of your church.


This seminar is perfect for churches and Christian organizations...

  • In transition – between pastors or have a new senior leader
  • That are stuck, have plateaued, or in decline and want to grow
  • Forming new ministry teams or governing board
  • Seeking God's will for initiating dynamic change
  • Are growing and want to keep growing
  • Who want to Flourish

Your ministry team will leave this seminar feeling encouraged and empowered to lead with greater confidence in God's provision and direction.