INTRODUCING a new small group resource . . .

Engaging Conflict Redemptively is a new resource designed for small groups and leadership teams that includes . . .

  • 12  sessions: ideal for monthly or bi-weekly small group meetings

  • 8- to 10-minute streaming videos: short enough to keep your attention but long enough to provide deep content

  • Study guide/workbook: one for each session to guide two hours or more of personal and group study. Each workbook includes:

    • Scripture texts to read and discuss

    • Personal and group exercises packed with biblical principles and practical applications—so you can go as deep as you want

    • Comprehensive content to examine conflict from every angle so you can change the way you think, feel and act about conflic

Engaging Conflict Redemptively includes . . .

  • Solid, biblical teaching: for in-depth look at what Jesus, Paul and all of Scripture teach about conflict reconciliation.

  • Practical application: to see yourself truthfully so you can treat others honestly.

    • Discover the story you are telling yourself.         

    • Learn why all conflict starts with you—what is true and false about the story you are telling yourself.

    • Explore how God wants to heal or redeem from your past.     

    • Be freed from deep emotional wounds and unreconciled conflicts in your past.

  • 5 dynamic turning points: discover the five dynamics of every conflict—from what triggers conflict in you to how conflict is forming your character.

  • 4 common default emotions: Identify your default emotions—where they come from and how they lead to negative responses

  • 4 common, quick-fix reactions:  that always make the conflict worse    

  • 7 steps for genuine, humble confession:  how to say, “I’m sorry,” and really mean it.       

  • 8 steps for gentle confrontation: how to gently but directly correct the wrongs of another.

  • Recognizing your own self-deception: to expose the lies that you are telling yourself so you can think clearly and respond truthfully to your conflict.

Plus, Engaging Conflict Redemptively will help you and your small group find practical answers to these common questions . . .

  • What is the difference between judging and correcting others?

  • Is forgiveness  unconditional?  

  • How can I distinguish between genuine remorse and fake sorrow?

  • What is restitution?

  • How can I experience true joy in conflict?

  • What do I do when someone refuses reconciliation?