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Leadership Intervention

A Metanoia Ministries Leadership Intervention is a comprehensive, independent evaluation of a church or ministry leadership. The assessment process is similar to a church assessment but is limited to interviews and forums with church leaders such as staff, boards, volunteers and ministry teams.

The assessment is conducted by a team of people who have been selected for their spiritual maturity and trained to use their gifting as part of an interdependent team.


The purpose of the Leadership Assessment

  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data to accurately identify and understand the underlying dynamics of a church or ministry; 
  • Analyze and report strengths and weaknesses to the leadership; and
  • Recommend specific strategies to maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses and discover new pathways for leadership flourishing.

A Metanoia Ministries Leadership Assessment is a one to two-month process from start to finish, including a three-week advance preparation, a three to four day onsite visit by the team for data collection and training, a follow-up written report and two on-site visits.

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Leadership Intervention