You want your church to grow...

But growth requires change... and change means conflict. 

And nobody wants conflict.

The fact is most change efforts in the church are resisted, which is why most church change efforts fail.

  • Is it worth the risk?

  • Will your congregation resist?

  • Are your leaders ready and equipped to lead the change that is necessary?

 Jim Van Yperen

Jim Van Yperen

For the past 24 years metanoia ministries has been helping churches in conflict and transition . . . many of them churches that wanted change but did not know how.

That's why we've created The Flourish Pathway for cultivating growth in your church. The Flourish Pathway starts from a Creation perspective, remembering how God has ordered life and growth, and applying these principles to growing your church.


Now your team can learn together the principles for how your church can Flourish!


So we've released three free webinars to the public. Each webinar offers you real value and key insights that you can use for leading change in your church.  Anyone can sign up to view these webinars for free, without obligation. Plus, you can view the webinars anytime, at your convenience.


Here is a brief sample of our first video . . .

The Three Free Webinars Are

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