Dialogue & Discovery meetings provide an environment of shared learning and discernment through specific teaching, prayer, and group conversation.

Topics are chosen to address the specific issues present in the church. Dialogue & Discovery meetings are taught by Jim Van Yperen in your church and facilitated by Metanoia Ministry team members.

Dialogue & Discovery meetings are designed for group discernment guided by God’s Word, His Spirit, and His people. Often, key issues or decisions in the church are identified and addressed. Teaching from God’s Word is provided, followed by a time of prayer, small group conversation, and large group dialogue.

Dialogue & Discovery meetings emphasize the Apostle Paul’s teaching in Galatians for the church to be a cruciformed (formed by the cross) and Spirit-filled people. We ask and seek to describe what it would look like to become a church that moves from human effort to Spirit-leading – from reliance upon human personality, politics and power to dependence upon spiritual character, dialogue, and mutual submission.

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