Where are we?

Your church is unique and complex. You have a story.  A purpose. A call to flourish. In fact, everything that happens in your church right now is forming people.  So, what kind of people are you forming?

Are your people vibrant and growing, or stagnant and stuck? Are you seeing the fruit of the Spirit, or fruit of something else.  Is your church centered around the personality, gifts and experience of one person?  Or, are you intentionally recruiting, equipping and empowering diverse men and women who are gifted to lead and serve?

For the past 24 years Metanoia Ministries has helped more than 90 churches examine their health and re-discover God's call to actually embody, not just talk about, a visible community where Jesus is Lord.

The Body of Christ is an experienced reality, not a method; it cannot be earned, but it can be learned.  Often, however, it means change. If you are open to discovering how God wants to transform your church, we can help.

Metanoia Ministries has developed a unique approach to asking the right questions, so you can find God's answers.  

Your church is unique and complex.  Are you ready to discover the next chapter of your story?