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Church Assessments

A Metanoia Ministries Church Assessment is an independent evaluation of a church. The assessment is designed to discover and to measure spiritual vitality by identifying the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities facing you church and to present these findings with recommendations to the congregation.

The Metanoia Ministries Church assessment is a comprehensive process that will take approximately three months from start to finish.

The Goal

The goal of the assessment is to glorify Christ and advance His Kingdom by coming alongside church leaders and members to see themselves truthfully--as they really are, not merely what they want to be--through the eyes of those they serve. 

The Purpose

The purpose of the assessment is to:

  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data to accurately identify and understand the unique, underlying dynamics of your church.
  • Analyze and report the systemic issues contributing to the strengths and weaknesses of your church 
  • Recommend specific strategies to maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses and discover new pathways for ministry flourishing.

The Process

Contact us to request the Metanoia Church Assessment InfoPak, an eight page booklet that will explain our complete process. 

Church Assessments