Is your church struggling with conflict?

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We can help you restore unity . . . so that your church may flourish.

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No oneness. No witness.

Jesus prayed for the Church to be one so that the world might believe. But disunity in your church is ripping people apart, increasing distrust and damaging the witness of the gospel. 

You may be feeling frustrated, sad, even doubtful about what to do next.

You need an unbiased diagnosis and a proven pathway to reconciliation from an experienced ministry.

Find the help you need right now by following these three simple steps:

Step #1: Set up a personal consultation

  • Send us your request for help
  • We’ll set up a time to talk by telephone, Skype or personal visit

Step #2: Create a customized pathway

  • We'll listen to your need
  • Work with you to create a pathway that’s right for you

Step #3: Implement the pathway together

  • We'll provide the resources you need right now and . . .
  • Training for preventing future conflict

"Reconciliation is a way of life."

Jim Van Yperen, Founder & President

Is reconciliation possible ? 

Here is what others say . . .

"You helped us create a circle of trust that was life-changing and showed us the way to begin the journey of forgiving one another. We learned how to be a community of believers."  Pastor

"I was a young, arrogant, recent graduate from bible college who believed he was equipped to conquer the ministry world. I couldn’t have been more wrong. God gave me a front row seat to the most difficult yet most rewarding aspects of ministry. Words can’t express how grateful I am to God and his workers in Metanoia for reviving our body as a church and reshaping me as a follower of Christ." Youth Pastor

"The last four years have been four of the hardest years of my life. At the same time, we have been greatly blessed and have learned in ways seminary could never teach.  Jim mentored us through a six-week restoration process and a Solemn Assembly.  The theme for the past four years has been reconciliation, forgiveness and unity. We have a long way to go but have made great strides."   Senior Pastor

"As we went through the process of confessing, cleansing and forgiving the sin in our church, we saw God’s love restored. The glory of God that ultimately prevailed and put our church where it is today, was worth the pain."  Elder  

Since 1993, we've seen God's transformational power in . . .

  • more than 95 conflicted churches

  • 45+ denominations 

  • more than 20,000 interviews

  • lives changed and  leaders trained

What do you do when conflict erupts around you?

Our work with thousands of leaders has discovered five proven steps you can take now!

Learn the skills for Engaging Conflict Redemptively in this creative and comprehensive new video series.

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Browse through our books, videos and other media you can use for personal and small group growth.

Master the skills of making peace for stronger, more vital relationships. 

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We invite Christ-followers

to discover and embrace reconciliation

as a way of life

so that authentic community

may flourish in your church.