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Welcome to Metanoia Ministries

Metanoia Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization serving  the church throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  

Our mission is to prevent and restore broken places in the church.  Metanoia Ministries provides innovative products and services to diagnose need, reconcile conflict, nurture one another community, and equip spiritual leaders with Christ-like competency and character.  Since 1994, we have served more than eighty-five churches in thirty-five different denominations and conducted twelve Intentional Interim Pastorates.


What's New!

Face to Face

The Lord turned  and looked straight at Peter.   Then Peter remembered . . .  and he went outside  and wept bitterly. Lk 22:61a-62  


If  Jesus just  looked away, 

or sideways, 

not straight on...

no chaff would tear His eye; 

and I could  deny,  deny,  deny 

my rooster pride. 

Hurt & Hostility

Think about a time in your life when you were hurt; when someone said something insulting or accused you falsely; when someone sued you, threatened your livelihood, or stole your honor and reputation; when someone in authority over you forced you to do something against your will; or when someone used you and took advantage of your generosity.

What did you do with your hurt?

If you are like most people you responded in one of two ways; both hostile, each trying to make the hurt go away.  . .

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